The Heroes of Burial Road

Passionst preist, Rev. Rick Frechette is bringing hope and healing to the city of Port-au-Prince, eight years after Haiti's devastating earthquake.  

St. Paul's Monastery continues to anchor many on the Slopes

October 10, 2017

St. Joseph's Monastery dedicates prayer garden to longtime Passionist pastors, parishioners

September 19, 2016

The Passionists of the Archdiocese of Baltimore donated a statue of St. Paul of the Cross to the new prayer garden named for him at St. Joseph’s Monastery in Irvington Sunday. Longtime church parishioners bought bricks in a memorial path to commemorate their family members.

Taking Their Dreams, but Not the Usual Ones, to Broadway

April 25, 2012

Among the anxious dozens banking on the production’s success are the Passionist fathers and brothers of the Province of St. Paul of the Cross, a shrinking, financially challenged Roman Catholic community that has put up 50 large, as in thousands, on the bet that the musical will be a hit.

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